Sep 7- The welcoming session to all new undergraduate, graduate, and post graduate students on 7th September 2017 for the fall semester.

Sep 1. Mahboobeh joined our lab as PhD student.Welcome!

Sep 1. Dr.Baishali Kanjilal joined our as postdoctoral researcher!

254th American Chemical Society National meeting & ExpositionACS

 August 20-24, 2017. Washington, DC . # ASCDC 

Our students presented their work at ACS conference

Hawkins, Harrison Thomas
Black, Bridget Marie 

Christon, Amanda 

Ryan, Justin T. 

Schweiger, Meagan Katie 

Bukhari, Haseeb 

Finnerty, Michael Paul 

Istrefi, Migjen 

Borovilas, John Alexander 

Lawless-Gattone, Alexis R